Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I park?

God has blessed Immanuel Baptist Church with tremendous growth.  So, when you pull onto our property you will find ample parking around the auditorium.  Our ushers will be more than happy to help you find a good spot!

Where do I go when I get there?

After you park, please make your way to the auditorium and you will immediately be welcomed by greeters. They will kindly help lead you in the right direction.

Do I have to put my baby in the nursery?

NO! We do have first class nurseries with qualified workers, however, we understand that it takes time to feel comfortable enough with a “new place” to put your children in a strange place with strangers. During your visit, if you wish, we would love to be able to show you our nursery facility and introduce you to some of the workers so that, in the future, you might feel comfortable putting your infant in our nursery.

The nurseries of Immanuel are designed to provide quality care for the child while allowing the parent(s) to enjoy the entire service free from distraction. Our nurseries are equipped to provide infants and toddlers with an environment that will allow them to enjoy our church too.

How am I supposed to dress?

When you arrive at our church you will see people dressed casual, business casual, and some in suits, ties, and dresses. Immanuel Baptist welcomes people to dress for the house of our Lord, but we also understand that the meaning of that differs from person to person. We want you to come and see what the Lord is doing at IBC. You will feel very welcome!

What kind of music do you sing?

We sing the traditional hymns. We emphasis psalms, hymns and spiritual songs. Someone once said, “One thing that I love about Immanuel Baptist is that their song service reminds me of church!”

What Bible do you use?

We use the King James Bible. There will be other visitors who will have other versions of the Bible. However, for sake of continuity and your ability to follow along with the preaching we encourage you to bring a King James Bible.

What is there for my child(ren)?

We have a great children’s program! We have Sunday school classes for all the children during our Sunday school hour. There are many things throughout the year that we do for children grades 1st - 6th.

What is there for my teenager(s)?

The teenagers of IBC have their own Teen Class during the Sunday school hour. They have activities each month, and enjoy summer camp each year. The teenagers of IBC are second to none, and we readily invite you to come and see for yourself. The Stanley’s, our Youth Pastor and his wife, invest in the lives of our teens like no other. The teenagers are involved in our services, outreach, and so many other areas of our church ministry.

Do you have “small groups”?

At Immanuel Baptist Church, “small groups” are called Sunday school class.  How do you take a growing church and give it a “small church” feel—through the Sunday school.  We have classes for all ages and stages of life.  There are classes for singles, young couples, widows, Seniors, middle age couples, and the list goes on.

You will love the Adult Sunday School classes of our church. The fellowship, activities, and comradery is conducive to spiral growth and advancement in our relationships with God.

What is the difference between you and every other church?

Not having been to “every other church,” we would not try even to do a comparison.  We can only speak to who we are!  We are a church that is focused on the Word of God, the leading of the Spirit, and a strong desire to see other people meet Christ as their Saviour and grow in Him.

We are a church that is determined to keep church - CHURCH!  We do not resemble a night club, we want to resemble a church!  We are a church where there is teaching and preaching!  Singing is a BIG part of our church. The songs of IBC would fall under the traditional genre of church music.  However, our music is NOT boring at all.

If there is a difference between us and any other church - well, we will let you decide.  Our focus is not about every other church, but it is on the Lord.  We look forward to you coming to join us for a church service soon!

Do you offer any assistance for the deaf?

We provide interpretation for the deaf and hearing impaired in every service and event at Immanuel Baptist Church. If you can come and be with us, please visit!  The deaf ministry is here to help you have a deeper walk with God and to have fellowship with the body of Christ!