What Is Operation Light?

Because the greatest need in Africa (and around the world) is for souls to be saved, we must see the great need of planting fundamental soulwinning churches that will diligently reach the lost. As a ministry of our church, Operation Light was started to assist in planting over 100 churches in West Africa.

Once national pastors have been trained and are ready to start churches, Operation Light provides full monthly support to the national pastor for three years. Additionally, this ministry helps raise funds for the national pastors to purchase land and eventually build church buildings.

Read The July 2019 Prayer Letter

What is Operation Light doing now?

At the end of 2018, we started supporting three men in different regions of Takoradi, Ghana.

  • Dare’ Olujomoye has just reorganized his church in the Apolo region. There are two men in his church that God has called to plant churches, and they were ordained to the ministry in January of 2019.
  • Bro. Augustine Amoah will soon be starting the Shama Baptist Church in the Shama region of Takoradi.
  • Bro. Frederick Aidoo will soon be starting the Aguna Baptist Church in the Aguna Nkwanta region of Takoradi. All three of these regions have between 30,000 and 70,000 people with no other Gospel witness.

What are the next steps for Operation Light?

There are several things that will be happening in the near future.

1. Pastor Dare’s church was in great need of a church property of their own. They were meeting under a borrowed lean-to and set up several small tents to accommodate the crowd. During the rainy season, the water ran right through this area where they met for church, and it was extra difficult to have church.

Through the generous giving of God's people, we are excited to report that $20,000 was enough to purchase three plots and cover the expense of preparing the land to build. Read the current prayer letter to learn more about what God is doing.

2. We will be looking for property in the Shama region and the Aguna region for the other two national pastors who will soon be starting churches there.

3. Our director, Bro. David Crews will begin traveling in a few months to raise support from other like-minded churches for this great need and opportunity in West Africa. The design is to get many churches to back this ministry financially through monthly support and one-time donations in order to enable more soul-winning churches to be planted and properties to be purchased.

4. There are a couple of trips planned for 2020 to look at other areas in West Africa. In January of 2020, we will have the opportunity to visit Burkina Faso and missionary Keith Shumaker. He has several men in that area who are ready to start churches. Additionally, there is a trip planned to get back to Ghana to look at the existing church plants and look at other regions that are being considered to plant churches.

The Structure Of This Ministry

Dr. Greg Neal- Founder

Operation Light is a local church ministry based out of Immanuel Baptist Church in Jacksonville, Florida. Due to Pastor Neal’s prayer and vision for souls, this great opportunity has arisen to plant one hundred or more churches in West Africa for the glory of God.

Bro. David Crews- Director

As the primary point of contact for this ministry, Bro. Crews will be communicating regularly with the church planters in Africa and with the supporting churches stateside. His yearly trip to Africa will help ensure better reporting to churches and accountability of national pastors.

Bro. James Ruckman- Veteran Missionary

As a seasoned missionary who has seen scores of souls saved in Africa, he is coordinating the training of the national pastors. He is also key to maintaining accountability of the national pastors regarding their character, work ethic, Bible doctrine, and finances.