No two words could better define the purpose of this ministry than “Operation Light.” The prominent need on the continent of Africa and every other continent is the Light of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.Many villages and regions in Africa have never heard the Gospel, and there are men who are trained and ready to go soul winning in these areas and to start local Baptist churches.

The purpose of Operation Light is to help turn that which is feasible into reality by funding these men of God, enabling them to reach their own people. Missionaries from the U.S. need to utilize the help of God’s people to go where God has called them to accomplish His will for their lives. Additionally, these national pastors are soul winning preachers who have been instructed in the Word of God, mentored by men of God, and who are ready to serve their Saviour in their own land.

The sensibility in assisting nationals

Consider the advantages of utilizing and funding national pastors to start churches:

  • Trained "on site"
  • Already know the language, culture, people, and customs
  • Avoid the constraints and concerns U.S. missionaries have in leaving their homeland
  • Maintain simple lifestyles and have no need to travel to the U.S.

The support from local churches

How this ministry is funded by the monthly support and one-time gifts of IFB churches:

  • Once a national pastor is trained and ready to be sent out to start a church, we provide their full support for up to three years
  • Once a church gets established, we help them raise funds for property and a church building
  • During the three years, there are regular and detailed reports of salvations, blessings, and other progress
  • Cutting off the support at three years enables the process to be repeated over and over with more nationals who are trained and ready to go

Support will not be:

  • Designated to only one national pastor, enabling supporting churches to fund many church planters simultaneously
  • Spent on administrative expenses to run this ministry; every dime is sent to the field for church planting efforts
  • Sent to the national pastors directly but will be funneled through the veteran missionary in that region

How you can help support

Soulwinning national pastors in Africa have been trained in Bible college and are ready to plant churches.  Due to a lack of finances, these men are left with three choices:

  • Work full time to care for their families and forego starting a church
  • Attempt to get to the U.S. to raise financial support
  • Face the stress and struggle of working full time while starting a church

It is the great joy of Operation Light to solve this issue by providing the needed boost of financial backing and prayer support to these men of God who are ready to start churches.

The primary aspects of the financial backing that we provide are:

Monthly Support


Per Month
  • Provides full support each month to a national Pastor
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Purchasing Land


One-time gift
  • Provides funds that allow each new work to purchase a piece of land.
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Build A Building


One-time gift
  • Provides needed funds that allow each work to build a church building.
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The Structure of this ministry

Dr. Greg Neal- Founder

Operation Light is a local church ministry based out of Immanuel Baptist Church in Jacksonville, Florida. Due to Pastor Neal’s prayer and vision for souls, this great opportunity has arisen to plant one hundred or more churches in West Africa for the glory of God.

Bro. David Crews- Director

As the primary point of contact for this ministry, Bro. Crews will be communicating regularly with the church planters in Africa and with the supporting churches stateside. His yearly trip to Africa will help ensure better reporting to churches and accountability of national pastors.

Bro. James Ruckman- Veteran Missionary

As a seasoned missionary who has seen hundreds of souls saved in Africa, he is coordinating the training of the national pastors. He is also key to maintaining accountability of the national pastors regarding their character, work ethic, Bible doctrine, and finances.