Spring Cleaning Sunday

Do you have a clean heart?

Psalm 51:10 – Create in me a clean heart, O God;…

We should always be evaluating our own heart to ensure it is clean.

On March 6, 2022, we’re having A Clean Heart Sunday here at the Immanuel Baptist Church. 

We’ll be focusing on how to make sure we are keeping a clean heart and what to do when it isn’t where it should be. There will be several work days at the church to do some “spring cleaning” as well as a special contest for those who bring a guest!

We hope you’ll join us for this special Sunday.

Bringing a guest this sunday?

We’re having a fun promotion for anyone bringing a guest.

The top five people that bring the most guests will get to choose from one of the following:

Let us Know You Are Coming!

Register ahead of time and we’ll have a seat saved for you and someone to show you around!