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Pastor Greg Neal

As a child, Dr. Greg Neal was reared in the home of a pastor and received firsthand experience on what it truly meant to shepherd God’s people. Saved at the age of four and called to preach at the age of six, Dr. Greg Neal was blessed to grow up in a home centered on the Bible, learning to serve God all the days of his life. After graduating high school, he attended Bible college and received his bachelor’s degree; several years later, he would receive an honorary  doctorate as well. At Bible college, he met his wife Heather, and they were married in 1995. Throughout the next twelve years, the Lord would bless their home with four daughters.

               In 1996, Dr. Neal began serving on staff as an assistant pastor, fulfilling multiple roles in the church and the academy. During his time as assistant pastor, Dr. Neal began writing and publishing many books and articles on various Christian topics. His first book, An Angel Among Us, is a touching account of the life and loss of his eight-month-old daughter Amanda, focusing on how the Lord used this tragedy for His glory. This significant event in his life fueled his desire toward helping people with hurting hearts. He founded the Amanda Foundation and the Amanda Ranch as ministries to help others through the grieving and healing process.

               In addition to An Angel Among Us, he also has written books expounding on God’s Word, exhorting Christians to study, read, and live in the Bible. Satan’s Toolbox, Perilous Times Have Come, Standing Near the Cross, The Christ of Christmas, Ministry Companions, and Greatly Commissioned are just a few of the books he has written to help further the cause of Christ. His books are circulated around the world; and Christians, both in the United States and in other nations, have testified of the blessings received from reading his books. Along with the written word, Dr. Neal’s sermons have been featured on several Christian radio stations.

               Although oratorically and literarily prolific, Dr. Neal has had an even greater influence on advancing the cause of Christ through his service of propagating the Gospel both locally and abroad. He has been instrumental in starting several missionary works, such as Reaching Spanish Nations, Operation Light, and the Great Commission Mission that seek to bolster the witness of the Gospel in countries around the world. Dr. Neal also has made an incredible impact in the greater Jacksonville area through the Immanuel Baptist Church. In 2009, Dr. Greg Neal became the co-pastor, and in 2013, he became the pastor of the church. Every year, tens of thousands of local residents are given the Gospel through the efforts of the Immanuel Baptist Church. Through his desire to see people reached with the Gospel and to help people grow in the Lord, he has established dozens of ministries for men, women, children, parents, seniors, young adults, and more to meet the needs of the residents of this community.

               While Dr. Greg Neal is an impressively accomplished individual, his greatest attribute is not the thousands of sermons, articles, and books he has written, nor is it the impactful organizations the Lord has used him to build for His service. It is Dr. Neal’s love for the Lord shown in his compassion for people that distinguishes him from other pastors. His humility and compassion are evident to anyone who takes the opportunity to meet or converse with him. He truly desires for people to know the Lord and grow in God’s grace. As the pastor, he daily shepherds the people of Immanuel Baptist Church through Bible study, prayer, counseling sessions, personal interactions, and church services. He is not just a preacher, one who stands before men to deliver a message. He is truly God’s undershepherd, caring for God’s people in a way only a truly loving, serving pastor can.

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