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At Immanuel Baptist Church, the Teen ministry is the hub of a young person’s busy life. For kids in seventh grade and up, it is the place where teenagers can spend time with good friends, have an opportunity to make new friends, and develop the kind of long-lasting relationships that will help them grow into adulthood, all the while fine-tuning their focus on serving the Lord.

This is important because, in everything we do, we strive to always provide them with instruction centered around Christ.

One thing teenagers need is to feel like they belong. We strive to help teenagers realize that they are important to God. God has a purpose for them no matter what background they come from or what they have faced in life. So, join us now to experience good, clean, fun, and positive Christian growth.

What Is There To Do For My Teen?

At Immanuel, we believe balance is the key to having the right young person. Everything we do in the Teen ministry is designed to provide teens with a balance.

The teen ministry is always having fun and adventurous activities. Our teens understand that a young person can have a good time and maintain Christian integrity. There is a time for serving God, but there is also a time to cut loose and have fun.

One week we could have a scavenger hunt, and the following week we could be at a monster truck rally. You never know what is around the corner!

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Teen ministry at Immanuel Baptist Church Jacksonville Florida | Pastor Greg Neal

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