an opportunity for everyone

For Men

One of the greatest opportunities for the men in our church is to be involved in Pastor's Prayer Partners which meets every Monday evening at 7pm. Men get together every Monday evening to pray for our church, our pastor, our school, our missionaries, and the requests of our church people.

Throughout the year, there are several events for the men including a Father/Son camp out, men's golf tournament, and a deep sea fishing trip. Keep an eye on the upcoming events to find out when these events will be taking place.

For Ladies

There are many great opportunities for the ladies in our church. We have Sunday school classes just for ladies and also host events throughout the year for the them to get together.

The Christian Ladies Fellowship meets often, and each event features a different theme and activity. The ladies really go all out decorating the meeting room, dressing the part, and playing games. The Ladies Shopping Trip is held annually in the late Summer to early Fall. This is a fun time that you will not want to miss. Keep an eye on the upcoming events  to find out when these events will be taking place.

For Couples

Both young and mature couples are such a strength to our church. In order to take our growing church and make it “feel smaller,” we have developed Sunday school classes for each adult category. These classes provide fellowship, the opportunity to develop friendships, and Bible teaching that will help couples maintain a spiritual foundation centered on Christ!

For Singles

In our society there are many singles with a heart to discover God and pursue after His leading. Immanuel is blessed to have a dynamic singles program designed to help establish friendships, friendships, to learn the Bible, and to discover what God has for the future. The singles class will be a blessing, and we guarantee you will walk away edified and excited to see God work in your life.

Ready to start your life at Immanuel?

Your life at Immanuel starts by realizing that we are really one big family. Inside this family, each adult Sunday school class is a smaller family. Because each person is important to God, it is important to us that everyone finds the perfect class. By enrolling in one of these classes, you will give yourself the opportunity to feel as if you are truly part of the family. You will also be able to take advantage of several key areas that life at Immanuel has to offer.

Bible Study

The Bible has the answers for you at every stage of your life. You will find clear answers to the questions that are facing you today. You will also find the foundation that you need for real Christian growth in the times we live.


What is life without friends? Adult classes can be a time for you to build genuine relationships with people who have similar interests and who are facing similar struggles in their day to day lives. These relationships can be cultivated and deepened throughout the common stages of life that you will share.


Each stage of life offers a unique set of challenges. Class teachers and leaders stand ready to offer support and encouragement along the way. Each class consists of care groups designed to strengthen individual members.

Regardless of your age or background, there is a class designed especially for you. Join today because every class has room for one more just like you!