Something For All Ages

The youth ministries of Immanuel Baptist Church are broken down by age group. We certainly have something for everyone! For children under 4, we have our nursery department with childcare provided for every service. For children age 4 through sixth grade, we have our Kids' Klub ministry. For teenagers, we have a great youth group with plenty of opportunities to get involved. Every member of the family will love our church!


At Immanuel Baptist Church, we want you to be able to come to one of our services and relax and enjoy yourself. To help you with that, there is a safe and enjoyable nursery available for all of our services. The Immanuel Baptist Church Nursery has a warm, loving environment where a young child can feel at home and a parent can feel at ease.  Our nursery provides excellent supervision to always ensure the safety of your child, and for your own peace of mind, we place a strong emphasis on cleanliness. Every nursery is thoroughly disinfected every week.

In our nurseries, we always strive to keep the same workers from week to week so that your child can count on seeing the same friendly faces every week and feel more comfortable. These workers will read Bible stories, sing songs, and pray for your child weekly. Although problems in the nursery are extremely rare, you can feel at ease knowing that we always have several registered nurses available should the need ever arise. 

Our nurseries are separated into four sections:  

Cradle Roll (newborn through six months) 

Crawlers (seven months to one year) 

Toddlers (one year) 

Two & Three Year Olds (two to three years)

The Kids' Klub

There is something for everyone here at Immanuel Baptist Church, and that includes the children. All of the children in the 1st through the 6th grades are invited to join our Kid's Klub!

It is important that children associate church with not only learning the Word of God, but also having fun while doing it! The Kid's Klub children's church is an exciting time of games, singing, competition, Bible drills, and preaching. The children will learn Biblical truths while in an enthusiastic, energetic environment.

The Kid's Klub meets during the morning preaching service and also on Sunday evenings at 5:00 pm. This allows the parents to enjoy the main service undistracted with the full assurance that their children are having a great time learning truths from God's Word with children their own age.

Teen Ministries

At Immanuel Baptist Church, the Teen ministry is the hub of a young person’s busy life. For kids seventh grade and up, it is the place where teenagers can spend time with good friends, have an opportunity to make new friends, develop the kind of long-lasting relationships that will help them grow into adulthood, all the while fine-tuning their focus on serving the Lord. This is important because in everything that we do, we strive to always provide them with instruction that is centered around Christ.

At Immanuel, we believe that balance is the key to having the right kind of young person. Everything we do in the Teen ministry is designed to provide teens with a balance in their lives. Our teens understand that a young person can have a good time and still maintain his or her Christian integrity.  There is a time for serving God, but there is also a time to cut loose and just have fun. The teen ministry is always having fun and adventurous activities. One week we could be having a scavenger hunt, and the next week we could be at a monster truck rally. You never know what is around the corner!

One thing teenagers need is to feel like they belong. We strive to help teenagers realize that they are important to God. No matter what background they come from or what they have faced in life, God has a purpose for them. So, join us now to experience good, clean fun and positive Christian growth.